Introducing the Bartock and Boog X Emma Alington Ceramic Dog Bowl Collection!



The Sloping Ceramic Dog bowl is specially designed to make your dogs meal times that bit cleaner!


Dogs which have flatter faces such as brachycephalc breeds often are forced to push food over the back of their bowls in order to scoop it into their mouths.  This is why our bowl has the higher back - simply place the lower edge in front of your dog at meal times and they can push the food up the back of the bowl and into their mouths - avoiding the food artwork that may usually have ended up your kitchen walls!



Each of our ceramic dog bowls are hand thrown individually by the talented potter Emma Alington from her workshop in England.  Emma's expertise and eye for detail means each bowl is only of the highest quality.  Emma delicatley hand paints each bowl with luxurious, shimmering, glistening, golden 22 carat gold glaze details.  Due to the hand thrown nature of each bowls it does mean that each one is completely unique and may have slight variations - which really adds to the beauty and sentiment of each piece.


Sloping Ceramic Dog bowl

  • In order to ensure the longest life of your beautiful bowl please do not put your bowl in the dishwasher.

    These bowls can only be hand-washed and should be washed with care without any abrasive scrubs.