Oh hello there!


Havent we all put our coats on the FLOOR or carried a raggedy blanket under our arm for our dog to sit down on when out and about?  Well NO MORE!!


Introducing the Bartock and Boog "Oh So Soft Travel Bed"!


The travel bed was designed to allow you to always have a lovely spot for your dog to sit wherever you may be - the pub, the tube, a cafe, restaurant, camping, hiking, to the beach wherever!  Your dog can always have their little place - where they know is all theirs where they are safe and comfortable.  It has been ergonomically designed to fold away neatly and be carried EASILY to create comfort for both your dog AND YOU whilst looking sleek.


What makes this travel bed special?

1. Our travel bed is not only luxuriously soft but also machine washable - thats right if you happen to get the bed dirty then DONT WORRY just pop it in the washing machine on a 30 degree or less wash (please just remove the carry handle first).  


2. Our travel bed is really padded!  We wanted our travel bed to be a home away from home for your dog - like a real bed not just a blanket or mat, and so have filled it with lovely thick padding to ensure your doggo doesnt have to feel anything but comfort under that tooshie when out and about!


3. Our travel bed has a WATERPROOF exterior.  This means you can take it out come rain or shine and place it on the floor without any worries of it soaking through.  If it does get dirty you can just wipe clean or pop in the wash! 


4.  Our travel bag looks fab!  We have designed our bag to be understated but luxurious to fit with your everyday wear or a special occasion.  The grey goes with everything and the yellow leather accent on the strap adds a little pop of colour.


We hope you love the Bartock and Boog travel bed and have many adventures with your best friends!



Oh So Soft Waterproof Travel Bed

£98.00 Regular Price
£73.50Sale Price
  • Currently we only have the one size for our travel bed the measurements are as follows:

    Length: 31inches (78cm)

    Width: 23 inches (59cm)

    Handle length : 31 inches

    We find that we are able to fit two Pugs on one bed, one (large) French Bulldog and we have also found that an English Bull Terrier can have a good go at squeezing on.  We will be releasing a larger size soon so do keep checking back! :)

  • The travel bed can be washed in the machine but only on a 30 degree wash or less and please remove your handle before washing :).

    If your travel bed gets dirty on the exterior the waterproof material means you can just wipe the area clean with a damp cloth.